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Writing -- Editing -- Facebook Marketing -- Wordpress Blogging
  Anthony Olszewski
Email: Anthony.Olszewski@gmail.com

99 Wall Street #1709
New York NY 10005


Amazon Author Page

Anthony Olszewski of Jersey City Free Books interviewed
by Jenna Kildosher of Instigatorzine, Hudson County Arts and Literature magazine.

I've written on a wide variety of topics: cage birds, tropical fish, popular culture, the poetry of Amiri Baraka and a chapter on genetics for a veterinary text book, as a small sample. In 2016, The Royal Society published a letter of mine Online concerning aviculture. I worked as an editor at a magazine produced by TFH, the world's largest publisher of pet books. At TFH, for the first issue of a new magazine, I produced nearly every article -- using a number of different names and a range of styles. I started PETCRAFT.com in 1996. A pioneer on the Web, the Site continues to provide unique information on a range of companion animals, focusing on birds and fish. I also am the author of a booklet on Hudson County history, Hudson County Facts, and a book of short stories, Second Thief, Best Thief, that are sold on Amazon.

I've a deep interest in how communication, both words and images, serves as a vessel for containing and so shaping thought. I examine this in a blog -- AdvertisingAlchemy.com. An article at BrandChannel quoted my discussion of the Svedka Vodka female robot ads:

CounterPunch published an article that I wrote on popular culture -- with Marketing as first among equals -- driving society:
Though the article appeared at CounterPunch after the election of Barack Obama, I'd posted the piece at one of my own Sites quite a few years before.

I established and maintained the Web Sites and email systems that were the Internet facet of the organization and coordination of the Word of Mouth marketing for a statewide political campaign. The results are described here:
Related to this effort, I also wrote for the Sites:
"Jurassic Parkway?" shows that toll booths are not a minor inconvenience, but instead something that needs to be eliminated.

As a community service, I operate Jersey City Free Books.

Work History:

UrbanTimes.com (Jersey City, NJ)
Internet services Consulting
May 1995 -
§ Established and continue to write copy for a Facebook Page for Jersey City Free Books, a community organization: https://www.facebook.com/JerseyCityFreeBooks
§ Establish and maintain Wordpress blogs including writing posts, installing plugins and optimizing Wordpress blog posts for SEO.
§ Organic Search using Text Links, Landing Pages, and an array of other “White Hat” organic search techniques
§ Search Engine Optimization
§ A range of techniques to maximize wanted search engine results and to minimize unwanted listings
§ Established organic Google Maps listing for a business that did not appear in search results
§ Webmaster for two Hoboken City Council candidates in 2007
§ Set up a Linux (SUSE) mail server for an opt-in email newsletter
§ Write articles, select and edit material relating to animal care -- focusing on cage birds -- for the PETCRAFT.com Web Site. PETCRAFT.com offers consulting services for the maintenance, breeding, and research of birds, particularly canaries and zebra finches.
§ Email communications and newsletters for political campaigns and issue advocacy organizations, including copywriting, editing, list management, HTML formatting and optimizing for deliverability
§ Webmaster for a campaign for Brooklyn District Attorney in 2005. Wrote press releases that were posted on the Site and distributed to news media by email
§ Webmaster for a campaign for Jersey City Mayor in 2004
§ Viral marketing through Send to a Friend emailing of Web Pages
§ Data collection through email response to conventional media advertising
§ Data collection through Online Forms
§ Coordination and motivation of volunteers through email
§ Recruit volunteers through email and Web Sites
§ Webmaster for the Max's Kansas City Web Site in 1999: http://web.archive.org/web/19990221160803/http://www.maxskansascity.com/
§ Webmaster for the 1997 campaign to re-elect Bret Schundler mayor of Jersey City
§ Established and maintain a number of Web Sites. Images are produced with a digital camera, and through scanning. Video is produced with a camcorder, by digitizing VHS tape, and by converting DVD video and Tivo files. Entire books are placed Online by scanning and OCR. PERL scripts are modified and installed on the Web servers for counters, image display, Web Page tables with data loaded “on the fly” from text files, and to provide interactive features (e.g. email copies of Web Pages). Files are uploaded to the Web servers using FTP
System Administration
February 2008 - February 2012
§ SEO - Search Engine Optimization, Organic Search, Search copywriting and Search analysis
§ Order and administer Domain Names
§ Define and configure external and internal Domain Name DNS
§ Order and install SSL certificates
§ Email communications for leading brands' Digital Marketing projects through secure SMTP Relays
§ Solving opt-in and application communication email deliverability issues including receiving error reports and contacting ISPs to have IPs whitelisted
§ Assist in managing two colocated LANs using Windows 2008 servers and Windows 2003 virtual servers
§ Worked in coordination with developers, QA, and account managers to move Web Sites between servers and between networks
§ Create and configure FTP and Web Sites using IIs
§ Wrote tech support articles for the company Wiki
Jersey City Economic Development (Jersey City, NJ)
Web Site Editor
January 1998 - August 2007
Schundler for Governor
Web Site Editor
January 2001 - November 2001
§ Updated the Schundler For Governor Web Site constantly throughout the day
§ Maintained a Real G2 server to provide multimedia for the campaign Web Site and distribution by e-mail. The Real G2 server was installed on a dedicated Web server that was managed remotely via telnet and FTP
§ Digitized audio cassette tape and VHS video tape
§ Set up and administered dial up remote access for mobile users
§ Recruited and communicated with supporters through Web Sites, Email, and Usenet. The results are described here:
Computer Science School: Saint Peter's College Bachelor of Sciences (BS) Year Completed: 1981
Mensa Present Present
Anthony Olszewski
297 Griffith Street
Jersey City, NJ. 07307
E-mail: Anthony.Olszewski@gmail.com



* Established and maintained the City of Jersey City's Official Web Site
  §Produced and scanned photos for the Site
  §Scanned and OCRed text from existing publications
  § Communicated with residents, businesses and news media
  §Composed and edited text
  §Worked with the Mayor Schundler's Communication staff and other City departments
* Administered press release fax list using Winfax
* Mail merges for targeted letters using Word, Excel and Access


* Duties included the troubleshooting, repair, assembly and upgrade
of various models of PCs
* Implemented a promotional program of group faxes using PAGEMAKER
5.0 and WINFAX PRO 4.0

02/92 - 09/92 MAGAZINE EDITOR, TFH (World's largest publisher of
animal books)

* Wrote text, dealt with outside authors, and selected photographs
and layout for the first issue of a new publication.
* Assisted book editors with various projects.


* Managed a retail pet shop selling dog and cat food, supplies,
tropical fish, birds, reptiles and small animals.
* Maintained and expanded a colony of laboratory mice,
including breeding and husbandry.


* Wrote a booklet on Hudson County History, Hudson County Facts, that is sold on Amazon
* Wrote a chapter on Avian Genetics for a veterinary text book
* Member of Mensa
* Amateur radio operator. Technician license


Saint Peter's College, Jersey City, Graduated 1981, B.S., Computer
Science (3.47 GPA)

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